Letter: In support of fluoride

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On behalf of Oral Health Colorado, a network of over 100 Colorado organizations interested in improving oral health for all Coloradans, Deborah Foote, Executive Director of OHCO, writes to express our overwhelming support of community water fluoridation. Colorado is where researchers first … Read More

Why Mouth Microbes Matter

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By Dr. Deidre Callanan, Public Health Policy and Community Engagement, University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine Scientists have isolated more than 10,000 human microbial species, over 8 million unique microbial genes. These tiny critters, or microbes, thousands of them, … Read More

What’s OHCO Up To?

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While we keep the community updated on a regular basis, we would like to take a step back for those that are new to OHCO: What do we do? Ensuring health equity is a major focus for OHCO. The partnerships … Read More

The National Picture

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Oral disease continues to be ubiquitous in many populations across the U.S.; in fact, globally.  The most recent estimate is 3.5 billion (with a “b”) people worldwide are affected by the burden of untreated dental caries, severe periodontitis, and edentulism.  … Read More

Why Oral Health Matters

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The “good old days” weren’t so good when it came to people’s oral health. I remember visiting my grandma when I was a young girl and every night she would take out her dentures and drop them in the cleaning … Read More

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